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Your canine companion is strolling calmly with you one minute, and the following, a rabbit! Off streaks your dog, ignoring your calls and bent on chasing the rabbit. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t discover the rusty previous wire fence stretching throughout the panorama and runs proper by way of it. Abashed, he returns to you with superficial wounds from the barbed wire on his legs and face. Your thoughts races: Do canines get tetanus? Should your dog get a tetanus shot now?

Yes: Dogs can get tetanus. But, no, you couldn’t get him a tetanus vaccine even when you wished to.


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Fortunately, tetanus is comparatively uncommon in canines. Horses and people are extra prone to tetanus, whereas cats are extremely resistant. Dogs fall someplace in the course of this spectrum – however it does occur. As an emergency veterinarian, I’ve personally seen two circumstances of tetanus in canines and browse of a number of others.

The illness arises from the micro organism Clostridium tetani, which is launched into the physique through wounds. C. tetani is of course current in some soils. Despite what many individuals assume, C. tetani is just not a selected hazard of rusty metallic; it’s the dust on rusty metallic – in addition to metallic that isn’t in any respect rusty! – that carries C. tetani right into a wound.

Another shock is that the micro organism itself is just not the issue. Rather, the tetanus illness is attributable to a neurotoxin (“tetanospasmin”) that’s produced by the micro organism after it’s launched to an oxygen-disadvantaged setting (as in puncture wounds) and it begins to breed. The toxin binds to tissue within the nervous system and causes the traditional indicators of tetanus. In canines, these indicators embody painful muscle contractions and stiffness or rigidity of the limb nearest the positioning of an infection. This can progress to generalized indicators that embody rigidity in all 4 limbs generally known as the “sawhorse stance.” The extra traditional presentation of tetanus is a dog with rictus sardonicus (“sardonic grin”). The ears are pulled tightly again, as are the lips. The eyes bulge, and the dog seems to be grinning.

Treatment for tetanus consists primarily of common supportive care whereas the dog’s nervous system recovers from the injury attributable to publicity to the neurotoxin. Dogs with generalized tetanus can’t stroll. They require attentive nursing care with mushy bedding, frequent rotation to keep away from decubital ulcers (“bed sores”), hand feeding or feeding by a nasogastric or gastric tube, help with expressing their bladder, and minimal stimulation. Recovery can take weeks and even months, but when they’re supplied with wonderful nursing care, many canines will survive.

Tetanus Prevention for Dogs

So, again to your furry buddy and his barbed wire accidents. He has wounds on his nostril from rusty metallic. Now what? Shouldn’t he obtain a tetanus vaccine?

A dog with tetanus

As it seems, he can’t! There are a number of FDA-authorized tetanus toxoid vaccines for people, horses, and sheep. Unfortunately, there are none for canines. Since tetanus is comparatively uncommon in canines, the gross sales of a tetanus toxoid vaccine for canines would seemingly by no means repay the expense of its growth by a pharmaceutical firm, so it’s no shock that it hasn’t but been developed. Money apart, there are additionally moral issues to vaccine growth: To research whether or not a toxoid vaccine works in canines, researchers could be required to contaminate canines with tetanus after which deal with them. The an infection and ensuing sickness, therapy, and attainable uncomfortable side effects of the vaccines would trigger important struggling and a few deaths within the analysis animals. On stability, the endeavor hasn’t but appealed to any vaccine developer.

Since there’s not a available vaccine towards tetanus on your dog, how will you defend your dog from the situation?

First and foremost, you must clear any wound completely and with care, following the options within the accompanying article.

Bites and puncture wounds are at particular danger of creating tetanus; carry these to your vet!

Next, monitor your dog rigorously after he sustains any open wound. If you discover stiffness on the web site of the harm, don’t wait to have your dog seen by a veterinarian. The extra shortly tetanus is detected and handled, the higher your dog’s prognosis shall be.

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